Belonging: Who Wants Me?

Kathy Koch
March 05, 2018

Have you read Suzanne’s blog, Belonging: You Belong to an Awesome God?

It wasn’t easy for me to read. What about you? Memories came back of several of us in the sixth grade being targeted by our classmate who was ice skating with a broom. He purposefully tripped me and my encounter with the ice resulted in a broken right arm. I remember his name, but I’m not going to share it. But, wow! This happened forever ago and I remember his name. The lack of belonging can cause pain that lasts.

Why does a lack of belonging hurt so much? Because God created us with this need and having it not met is a legitimate problem. Furthermore, because He knew people would let us down, He designed us to have the need met permanently and authentically by Him.

God wants us and created us to have fellowship with Him. Through His Word, His presence, answered prayers, encounters with Him during worship, and more, we can know we belong to Him. He accepts us as we are, loves us unconditionally, and never forsakes us. This meets our need for belonging and also for security. The identity we get from this is huge, too. We are wanted, connected, accepted, and never alone. This month, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, let’s remember He came so we would always belong to someone.

God wants to rescue us from all belonging negatives – from loneliness, abandonment, teasing, aggression, rejection, being lied to, gossip, rudeness, arguing, manipulation, disrespect, hate, not being heard, being invisible, … Will we let Him?

God is always available and present. He doesn’t keep a record of our wrongs. We don’t have to work to reestablish our relationship with Him. Through faith in God and by trusting in Christ, we are His. I truly hope you know – really know – the power of trusting Christ. The security results in eternal life in heaven with Him the day we die an earthly death. But, we get so much more! We get security on earth that shows up in many ways, including a rock-solid belonging. This month, celebrate this!