God Changes Everything

Kathy Koch
March, 05 2019

Making the decision to do what we do so God is honored moves all we do from mundane to magnificent. Wanting to glorify God is what can move us from thinking “I have to cook another meal” to “I get to cook another meal. I’m blessed to have a family.” From “I have to sort through all this stuff!” to “I get to organize things. We’re blessed to have it all!”

God created us to leave the world a better place. He wants us to use the gifts He chose for us in advance (Ephesians 2:10). Knowing we get to glorify God – to put Him on display – should motivate us.

Did I decorate with my sister-in-law because I thought she can’t do it without me? Did I do it to try to earn love? Did I shop, wrap, and send gifts to impress people? Or, did I do these things because I want to love well, encourage them, and impact their world in a positive way?

Do I want God to be glorified by what I do and how I do it? Or do I care more about me?

What about your children? Are they cleaning their rooms well because they’re afraid to disappoint you? Is their security in trying to be perfect? Are they choosing obedience because they know it’s good for God or because they can’t afford to make you mad? Is it their security? Is their identity “performer”?

God wants us to meet our need for security, identity, and belonging in Him. The same thing is true for purpose. God created us to glorify Him and positively influence the world. This month, let’s remember to celebrate and thank God for allowing us the privilege of being a part of the action. Let’s make sure we’re doing what we’re doing with the right motives and let’s talk to kids about this. I pray God blesses you as you do.