Identity: Who Am I?

Kathy Koch
March 04, 2018

I love that Suzanne reminds us that we should not be defined by what we do in her blog, Knowing Who YOU Are. Identity is more about who we are. As I like to say, who we are is more important than what we do because we do everything we do because of everything we are. (Read that again!)

This is an important topic. We have a need for identity – to know who we are. Identity controls our behavior. Who we think we are is who we will be. This is very relevant to our attempts to change.

Identity is defined by the question, “Who am I?” Notice that the question is not, “What do I do?” It’s also not “Who was I?”

If your kids are school age, you probably have the same ritual my mom had with me each day. You might ask, “How was school?” and “How did you do?” You most likely also ask,  “What did you do today?”

You can help your children become more aware of their identities by also asking “Who were you today?” The first time you ask this they might look at you funny. But, what a great question! Because identity controls behavior, we want to know who they think they are. We need to know.

Think about yourself. Who have you been today? Careful? Outgoing? Kind? Creative? Loving? Or, self-centered? Hurried? Judgmental? Angry? Rude? Who you think you are shows up in how you behave.

Because God wired this need into us, He meets it authentically and permanently. How does He do this? Among other identities, we are intentionally and uniquely designed by God, created in His image, known, wanted, and valued. Our identity radically changes for the better when we trust Christ for our salvation through faith in God. So does our security because the needs are connected. When we believe in Jesus as our Savior, we are also saved and alive forever. We’ll relocate from our house here to being at home with Jesus in heaven when we die our earthly death. We are also complete, adopted, forgiven, set free, overcomers, and so much more.

This month, when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, let’s remember He came to change us. He makes us new! Celebrate who He is and who He says you are!