Knowing Who YOU Are

Suzanne Phillips
March 04, 2018

Do you remember the first time someone called you “Tommy’s  mom”?  Or, stranger yet is the first time you introduced yourself as “Suzy’s mother.” I mean……you didn’t use your name.  That’s just odd to think about isn’t it?

“Oh, you’re Ward’s mom? I’ve seen him play football.”

“You are Ansley’s mom????  I just bought some of her earrings, what a great website.”

“Lilly helped with my daughter yesterday at school, I didn’t know you were her mom.”

Familiar??  Please don’t get me wrong I LOVE being a mom.  I LOVE being their mom.  And, while we are at it, I LOVE being Lane’s wife.  However, these are roles that come with position and responsibility, they are not my, Suzanne Phillips, identity.  These roles don’t define me as a person.

They blessed me.

They challenge me.

They grow me.

But, they don’t define me.

God uses these roles, and others, to perfect me so that I become more and more of who He truly created Suzanne to be but, He in no way says these or any other roles define me.  So, I started thinking this morning and to be honest I got kind of tickled.  Can you imagine if my response to the next person who introduces themselves to me was with an honest statement about my identity instead of my responsibility?  Think about it for a minute.  It might sound something like this:

“Nice to meet you, I’m Suzanne, a child of the Most High God, a daughter of the King of Kings and a friend of the Prince of Peace.”

(What in THE world would their response be?)

“I am chosen, redeemed and forgiven. How are you”?

Too often we, especially as moms, allow roles and responsibilities and perceived wins and losses to define us. This is so dangerous and becomes even more dangerous when we attach wins and losses to a child’s behavior.   In other words, I feel great about who I am when my child is voted class president or is polite but ashamed or embarrassed when he cheats or has a tantrum.  Connecting our identity to an outcome makes for a very bumpy ride through life.  Accepting the truth that we are a child of God and are cherished by Him, period, forever, end of story, is the freedom we are all longing for and the greatest gift of all.  Receiving this truth then allows us to give it away.  There is no better gift for your family this year than for you to be YOU because of Him!

Father, thank you that we find our identity in you an in you alone.  You remind us whose we are and who we are. Help us to remember to come to YOU when we forget or find ourselves on shaky ground.  You are our Father. We are your children.  Thank you for loving us and leading us.