Suzanne Phillips
March 05, 2019

I vividly remember standing in the den and thinking it has only been 45 minutes.  Not again.

Big denim shirt hanging open, black leggings stretched over all the remaining weight and nursing bra hard at work trying to maintain coverage over what rivaled the larger varieties of fruit in the produce department…..he wanted to nurse again.  I’m not sure who was crying more - me or my newborn son.  Exhausted and overwhelmed I tried to keep up with his hunger. As if that wasn’t enough, every time I sat down and he latched on, my 2-year-old, who HAD been potty trained, would walk behind the red sofa and deliberately, well…. you know where this is going and let’s just say it wasn’t a quick clean up.  UGH…….

Over and over this pattern played out in the same corner of the house. It seemed that my life had been reduced to a walking milk dispenser who was fresh out of her bag of tricks as M&M’s and potty songs failed me time and time again.

Motherhood offers nonstop opportunity to get lost in the mundane and forget that we were created on purpose, for purpose, with purpose.  That purpose?  It’s pretty simple - to glorify God and enjoy Him.  Ephesians reminds us that we are created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared in advance.  Those good works include all of the quiet, hidden, repetitive acts of love that are offered each and every day inside our homes.  In fact, I will go out on a limb and suggest that perhaps the acts of service that are overlooked by others but known deeply by you are the very works that most glorify God.  He knew all of the good works that came with the gift of motherhood in advance.

The primary meaning of the word glory is shining, brightness, and splendor.  Think of it this way,: we, our lives, are to magnify the light of God and enjoy Him in the process.   We can rest knowing that this is our purpose regardless of the circumstance.  It is so hard to believe this truth as we scroll through the façade of social media adventure and beauty with unbrushed hair and more pots in the sink, isn’t it? Can we really live out our God-given purpose at home?

Several years ago the Lord taught me a sweet lesson. It was one of those days.  I was tired after having for three children during a stomach virus.  27 loads in 2 days……need I say more.

My laundry room, at the time, was in the basement and had no windows.  I had been in that cave and running up and down three flights of stairs to meet needs continuously for days.  On top of this, the regular laundry was way behind and I had not ironed in days.  It is very important for you all to know how much I loathed ironing. ( past tense)   I mean, a lot.  I am not good at ironing and it always felt like a waste of time.  Exhausted and completely frustrated I looked at the piles, pulled out the ironing board and gave into the dread.  I didn’t like that my heart was so annoyed about the work but it just was and I knew God knew it. There was no reason to pretend to Him. I confessed the yuck in my heart to God as I bent over and stuck my head into the dryer pulling out another load and as I did I sensed a small voice inside saying, “Suzanne, why don’t you pray for the person that sock belongs to.”


That was not me. I can assure you of that! I had never considered such a thing.

Again, I felt the nudge.  I believe with all of my heart that God used that moment of confession to meet me in the mundane and give the moment purpose…..His purpose.  Be a light and magnify me even when nobody is watching.

It clicked.

I turned to my ironing board and pulled out the first crumpled item. With every stroke of that iron, I prayed for Lane.  And one by one, piece by piece, it continued.  Peace rested on me and God was glorified while I was all alone in that basement.  He took the darkness in my heart and shed light on the mundane giving that monotonous task purpose and you know what…… I enjoyed Him!