Kathy Koch
March, 05 2019

Did you read Suzanne’s blog: Motherhood? Did you laugh out loud or find yourself breathing faster as you felt her stress? Did you nod in agreement when reading that “Motherhood offers nonstop opportunity to get lost in the mundane and forget that we were created on purpose, for purpose, with purpose.”

** Purpose: Why am I Alive?

During the last two weeks, I’m sure you have experienced the normal mundane of laundry, cooking, and cleaning. You ran necessary errands, helped your kids with this and that, and changed many diapers if your kids are little.

Then, because of Christmas and New Year’s, we can add the mundane of holiday decorating, holiday entertaining, holiday activities, holiday clean up, Christmas wrapping, and so much more.

But, maybe none of it felt mundane to you. Maybe God has spoken to you about all you do just as He spoke to Suzanne. Praise God!

As she wrote, “We were created on purpose, for purpose, with purpose. That purpose?  It’s pretty simple - to glorify God and enjoy Him.”