The Core Needs at Christmas

Dr. Kathy Koch
March, 05 2019

My 20-month old great nephew likes to say (or scream!) “I need!” It sounds more like this: “I nnnneeeeeeeedddd!!!!!” Mostly, he just wants something. He’s rarely asking for something he needs.

As December begins, are your children saying, screaming, or shouting something similar? Maybe you’re hearing a lot of “I want this” as they point to pictures when shopping online. Or, if you’re brave enough to take them shopping with you, do they believe they need what they see around every corner?

At this time of year, maybe more than any other, we must make sure we know the difference between wants and needs. We don’t need everything we want. We don’t even need everything we think we need. Right? But, some needs do need to be met.

What do I mean? In order to be ready and able to joyfully celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, later this month, we should make sure our core needs are met in healthy ways. Of course, the same thing is true for our children. But, it starts with us.

God created us with five core needs of security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence that He meets permanently and authentically. He knit these needs into us so we’d be drawn to Him as the solution of our condition. With unmet needs, we’re not complete. We may feel broken and empty. We may drift from here to there and be directionless. The things we choose to do may not fulfill us.

God meets our needs. Knowing He wants to do so will enrich our Christmas celebrations. If you have invited Him to meet them, your celebrations will be even richer.

Recognizing how many activities this month masquerade as substitute solutions for our legitimate needs can greatly improve your month. Absolutely. If we’re not careful, we’ll end up being miserable. Our kids will be, too.

Encouragement is coming!  For the first three weeks of December we will walk with you through the Core Needs at Christmas Next up? Security………..the foundation.